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Here at Miller & Bean, sustainability has naturally been part of our DNA for over 15 years. A good chunk of this comes effortlessly, thanks to our choice of suppliers and manufacturers renowned for their sustainable practices.

But it’s not all been by chance; a significant portion has been a deliberate path of impactful decisions and actions. It’s about doing better every day, learning as we go, and sharing the benefits of these choices with everyone involved. Here's some of the choices we've made: 

Our Gear:

When it comes to our coffee machines and water coolers, we're all about smart, energy-efficient design. No unnecessary paper filters, no plastic wrappers, and yes, they do take an electricity-nap when the office is empty. Our preventive maintenance program keeps our equipment running smooth and like new for many years. Why? Because tossing less into the landfill is good for everyone.

Bottle-Free is the Way to Be:

Our water coolers ditch the bottle and tap right into what's already there, filtering it on-site. It's a game-changer. No plastic waste, no trucks hauling water bottles around - it's a no-brainer for us and the environment.

Beans Over Pods:

We lean hard into whole beans. They taste better and cut down on waste big time. But, for those pod-lovers, we've got a plan: used K-Cups go straight to 100% recycling heaven via Covanta's Waste-to-Energy program. It’s about offering better choices without compromising on convenience or quality.

Shopping Local and Thinking Global:

We pick our products like we pick our friends - carefully and with shared values in mind. Local suppliers are our go-to. It keeps our community strong and our carbon footprint light. And those coffee station disposables? They're as green as it gets, from recyclable cups to compostable stirrers.

Driving Smart:

Our delivery routes are tight and right, thanks to some nifty software. And our fleet? It's getting greener by the minute with new hybrid vehicles.

Warehouse Recycling:

We give a second life to the thousands of cardboard boxes and pallets that come from our suppliers, and the rest are bundled and sent to the City of Toronto's recycling depot (down the street from our warehouse).

Keeping it Real:

Sustainability is a team sport for us. We're all in, and we're hoping to inspire our partners and customers to join the ride. It's about doing business in a way that respects our planet and looks out for future generations.

Our Promise:

We understand the importance of continuous improvement and learning in our sustainability journey. 

Together with our partners and customers, we’re committed to making thoughtful choices that benefit our planet. We're committed to this journey, and we’re excited for what lies ahead.

Let's make a difference together, one cup of coffee at a time.

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