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Vim PureBoost Multi-purpose Cleaner with Bleach - 750ml

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With Vim Cream, you don’t need to worry about household mess. A multi-purpose cleaner that can be used both as a bathroom cleaner and kitchen cleaner, it is a household multi-tasker that's tough on dirt, scum, watermarks, grease and burnt-on food, and can help make things look new again. Vim's famously tough Cream Cleaner cares for your surfaces by removing 100% of the dirt you never thought you’d get rid of thanks to micro-particles that lift grime away for a shiny and streak free result*. Formulated with 100% natural cleaning particles, Vim Cream with Bleach is a great cleaner for every room. To use, simply squirt cream directly onto the surface or a damp sponge and rub gently. Rinse thoroughly then wipe clean promptly, repeating if necessary. There’s always a beautiful ending when you start with Vim. Do not use on wood, aluminum, worn or scratched surfaces. When using on chrome or plated surfaces, rinse immediately after use. Available in a range of fresh scents, Pink Flower, Lemon and Eucalyptus, this multi-surface cleaner's packaging is made with 50% recycled plastic while working towards 100% recycled. At Vim, we believe that a beautifully clean home is a joy to live in. All our household products are formulated with this in mind. By choosing Vim, you know there’s always a beautiful ending - whatever the surface, whatever the room, whether it’s a quick spruce-up, or a full deep clean. *Tested on model kitchen and bathroom dirt and surfaces achieving complete soil removal.
•Vim Cream with Bleach is a versatile, multi-purpose cleaner that removes stubborn dirt
•This surface cleaner works as a bathroom cleaner and kitchen cleaner, which means it is a must in your cleaning supplies
•Made with micro-crystals, this cleaner is tough on dirt, scum, watermarks, tough grease and burnt-on food
•This Vim Cream cleaner is complete with bleach
•Add this to your cleaning products as it contains 100% naturally derived descaling agent
•This cream cleaner packaging is made with 50% recycled plastic while working towards 100% recycled

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